It’s finally summer, and you’re so excited to visit your favorite outdoor destination. You just got back from the store with all of the supplies you need for a weekend in nature – tents, sleeping bags, coolers, and everything else on your list. It feels like it’s going to be the best time ever.


But wait…

Is there something missing? What about activities? If only someone had a list of camping games that can be played during the day or at night, it would make things easier. Well, look no further because this article has precisely what you need. See below for ten awesome summer camp games in sunny weather to play when you go camping this year.

Campfire Cooking

One camping activity for sunny weather is camping fire cooking. This includes camping food like marshmallows and hot dogs. Campfire cooking is an excellent way to get in touch with nature and enjoy the camping experience. It’s also an opportunity for some fun camping games.

Campfire cooking can be done without problems even if you have a camping stove, so please ensure your camping stove works correctly before going on a camping trip. And remember to bring along enough lighters or matches as well because using only one match per 5 minutes might seem to save, but it’s very impractical when you have no camping stove fire starters left.

These are very similar to the fire sticks we use. Tips for using: We keep them inside the trailer in a drawer, the bag is super handy, and they wipe clean easily. Keep the caps in the bag, they keep the points from poking holes in the carrying bag. EVERYONE gets their own color, this is especially important for us because we have three Celiac campers, and three non celiac campers (allergies).

Hiking or biking

Another great way to enjoy camping is hiking or biking during the day and camping fire cooking at night. This helps with enjoying nature even more because instead of just sitting in your camping chair near the fire, you’re out in the open, getting a bit of sunshine and fresh air while enjoying nature.

Please remember, though, this might seem like fun, but it’s hazardous if you’re not wearing suitable clothing during biking. Also, make sure it’s camping weather and camping weather is not when it’s raining heavily; camping means dry. Saskatchewan Provincial parks have tons of great hiking trails, for every level of hiker.

Whether you are biking or hiking or walking, be sure to share the path.


Swimming can be very refreshing during warm camping. Even though some people might say that having a cold shower helps calm down your body temperature a little bit, this still isn’t as nice as jumping into the water on a hot day.

Please remember to take extra care when camping and to swim because it’s easy to get lost in the water if you’re not used to being around lakes or ponds.

Enjoy Fishing

When most people think of fishing, they imagine a pleasant day in nature with good weather. However, sunny days might be even better for catching fish than rainy or cloudy ones. Enjoy fishing under sunny weather when it is hot, and also there is more chance to get a tasty dinner. Get your Saskatchewan fishing license at Saskatchewan’s HAL license site.


On a sunny day, you can relax by making crafts. Pack simple craft kits like friendship bracelet kits or foam projects to keep busy and make something fun that you can take home at the end of the trip. You can pick these up at your local dollarama or drug store. Drawing nature and surrounding landscapes is a great way to connect with the environment. You can make leaves, rubbings, or collages of rocks, trees, flowers, etc. Take a few notebooks of paper with you on a walk and this will definitely occupy the kids.

Read Books

On a camping trip, reading is the perfect way to pass the time and keep entertained. If it’s sunny weather, set up an area where you can relax and enjoy your book in comfort. Put a blanket down. When there are storms or bad weather conditions outside during your stay at campgrounds, read books that will spark imagination for fun adventure stories.

Make a Cowboy Coffee

You may have experienced Starbuck or Keurig coffee, but this is a perfect time to make a cowboy coffee. A cup of coffee is one way to start your day and can add to that morning cheeriness. To make this experience more memorable, try making cowboy coffee over a campfire for a new taste.

Cook Delicious Food

While camping, it is super fun to cook because you can make whatever food is on your menu for the day. Ask someone with better cooking experience and prepare some meals out in an open fire or use a portable stove and fry everything before eating together with family or friends. This would create great memories each time. We tell old friends about what kind of meal was delicious that day while enjoying nature along the way.


New scenery and wildlife are two of the main reasons camping is more fun when you’re with a group. If anything can be done to make it even better, like taking photos or using binoculars for sightseeing purposes, everyone should try their hardest to have as much fun as they still get some time away from work. Use the zoom on your phone to get photos up on the branches of trees.

Play Simple Outdoor Games

Creative ways to enjoy the evening include telling ghost stories around a campfire. During the day, playing ten questions if you want to know more about someone’s past, or some of the highlights of your kids’ year in school. Play cards when you have friends and family with you. You could also play hide-and-seek in the woods when it gets dark. You can play word games like bingo. Nothing like a game a crib.


This summer, get outside and enjoy the sunshine with these ten best tips for sunny weather activities. Camping is an ideal activity on a nice day because it’s easy to set up and pack down quickly when you need to head home or want to explore new terrain. If camping isn’t your thing, but you still want some outdoor fun in the sun, head to your local Saskatchewan provincial park for the day, or hit a Regional Park too.

You’ve been camping several times, and yet there is still so much to try. These were some fun tips and ideas that will help you get more out of your next camping trip, whether it’s with friends or family. When planning your trip, make a list of all the things you could need. You don’t want to be out in the wilderness and have something go missing.


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